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Our Story

At Blossom, art is present everywhere. From the beginning, we wanted to create a company that identified with our true nature and allowed us to create products that would bring joyful moments to our customers.

Fragrance was a common denominator; it is a powerful element in our lives. It can transcend our experience by awakening a wave of emotional memories. Although many things throughout our daily lives can trigger a feeling of nostalgia, nothing has the power to viscerally relive the past and appreciate the present as a fragrance - the smell of morning dew or a rose in early spring, the smell of someone important to you - aromas that intertwine at specific times.

The complexity of different aromas is captivating, each note carries its own history, making unique compositions. When we tried different scents and added them to wax, one of the oldest man-made product, we started to create works of art. At that moment, Blossom was born.

We strive to create unique experiences whenever a new collection is developed. Our collections are inspired by nature, curated as works of art, they tell stories that are connected to our own experiences. Each aroma has a story, a celebration, a place and a mood that inspires it. Our products are designed to create a deep sense of joy, serenity and splendor in your home.

Our luxury fragrances are made with natural ingredients that will elevate your life in a way never before imagined.